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  • Ļauj savam bērnam izbaudīt siltu baskāju brīvību arī ziemā ar Be Lenka Panda baskāju zābaciņiem. Siltinājums apvienots ar ūdeni atgrūdošu ādu un visām baskāju prasībām atbilstoši ļaus sagaidīt ziemu ar komfortu.
    Šie zābaki atbilst baskāju apavu kritērijiem: 
    - ergonomisks pēdas formas dizains ar platu purngalu,
    - elastīga 6 mm zole
    - pilnīgi plakana zemei pieguloša zero-drop līnija.

    Fantastisks funkcionalitātes un stilīga dizaina apvienojums padara tos par lieliskiem ziemas pavadoņiem tava bērna augošajām kājām.

    Ziemas zābaki Panda (mango)

    79,00 €Cena
    • Material:

      Upper: Nappa leather
      Lining: Faux wool - PE
      Insole: 8mm Merino/Latex/Alu/Latex
      Sole: Vulcanized rubber

      Thanks to premium quality skin-friendly materials and minimalistic, lightweight design, Be Lenka Panda provides unmatched foot comfort. Durable and water-resistant leather upper and gripping sole provide brilliant winter usability.

      The warmth retaining breathable lining and a removable insole guarantee warm, dry comfort even after all-day use. The tongue is connected to the upper, which prevents water and snow from entering. The smooth leather surface enables easy maintenance.

      Thin and flexible, 6 mm sole enables the foot to bend and flex naturally, resulting in an improved walking posture, stronger foot muscles, and increased sensory feedback (for better control of motor function and balance).

      Be Lenka Panda barefoot boots are suitable for various winter activities and also for wearing to school, kindergarten, everyday walks, playground and parks.

      The wide front part of the shoe (wide toe box) enables the toes to wiggle freely and not squash them as the traditional shoes do, guaranteeing exceptional barefoot comfort.

      The improved design makes the shoes suitable for normal to broad foot types and also for medium instep. With the practical Velcro fasteners, the shoes can be tightened as desired over the ankle, making them suitable for various foot types.

      Type o shoe: Urban footwear

      The shoes are not designed for sports, especially cycling, rock climbing, winter hiking and other strenuous activities.

      *To maintain water-repellent properties and prolong life, we recommend treating the skin regularly with waterproofing spray.

    • Size Width Length
      25 6,8 16,2
      26 6,9 16,8
      27 7,1 17,6
      28 7,2 18,2
      29 7,3 18,9
      30 7,5 19,5
      31 7,6 20,1
      32 7,8 20,9
      33 7,9 21,6
      34 8,1 22,3
      35 8,2 22,9
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