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  • Grey natural wool kids' slippers with Hook & Loop closing system and
    100% rubber outsoles.

    Born in 1988, our classic TWINS concept — opposite yet complementary - challenges the idea that shoes must be identical and lives on in these mismatched kids´ shoes to form a truly unique pair.


    textil (wool / polyester) / calfskin print finish


    80% Rubber / 20% Recycled rubber

    Hook & Loop straps for easy fit

    100% textile (90% wool 10% polyester)


    Our shoes are made with carefully selected, premium materials. The use of the right shoe care products will ensure these styles are protected and will last for a long time.


    1. Remove dirt and grime with a soft cloth.

    2. Protect leather from dirt and humidity with our Protect & Care Spray.

    3. Clean and moisturize leather with our Clean & Care Lotion.

    4. For extra protection, apply our Nanopro Waterproofing Spray. This product is exclusively for sale in our retail locations. Find a nearby store Shop locator

    Twins Cat Slippers (gray)

    SKU: K800517-001
    55,00 €Cena
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