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  • NATURAL shoes are shoes of timeless elegance. Minimalist design, materials used and foot shaped pattern are key to multiple use.

    Shoes are built as barefoot shoes with foot shape pattern in mind. Built on 5 mm strong sole made of thermoplastic poluyrethane („PU“). 

    Weight and flexibility is at its best while enduring safety and longevity. Upper made of 2- layer leather. Upper leather is PU coated to assure durability, longetivity and same look for long time. Inner leather is genuine leather. Join of upper with sole made as injected PU and PU coated leather is one of a kind.

    With almost no stitches in upper, join strength and material used shoes are almost waterproof.

    We recommend to clean the shoes with wet clean canvas, we recommend use of colorless cream for leather as a shoe care.


    Design 1N04L is yellow colour upper with white sole.

    Natural All-Year Shoes (yellow leather)

    SKU: 1N04L
    79,99 €Cena
    • 37.5    - length 24,3 cm, width 9,3 cm
      38      - length 24,6 cm, width 9,4 cm
      38.5    - length 24,9 cm, width 9,5 cm
      39      - length 25,2 cm, width 9,6 cm      
      39.5    - length 25,5 cm, width 9,7 cm
      40      - length 25,8 cm, width 9,8 cm
      40.5   - length 26,1 cm, width 9,9 cm      
      41      - length 26,5 cm, width 10,0 cm
      41.5    - length 26,8 cm, width 10,0 cm    

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