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  • Black barefoot socks are a must-have for any barefoot wardrobe. Be Lenka socks are woven with a special barefoot technology and have a high percentage of combed cotton, meaning they are widened in the toe area to provide ample space for movement. The soft seam between the toe and the rest of the sock ensures even greater comfort when wearing.

    Crew Essentials Socks (black)

    9,99 €Cena
    • Material: 83% cotton, 15% polyamide, 2% elastane
      Design: Low-Cut

      Be Lenka barefoot socks have an ergonomic foot-shaped design with a wide front part which provides ample wiggle room to your toes for all-day comfort.

      Thanks to the high proportion of premium combed cotton (83%) the socks are amazingly soft. They are 100% safe for your health and the environment as materials used to produce them are thoroughly tested for harmful substances.

      Toe and heel are reinforced to ensure durability. The seams are soft and extra flat, making them barely visible.

      The socks are designed and manufactured in Slovakia right in the heart of Europe, by sourcing and producing locally we are making every effort to have a low carbon footprint.

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