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Līga Latkovska,


I am a mother of two kids and a physiotherapist-osteopath in my professional career. I have always paid a lot of attention to the choice of shoes, because I know the importance of healthy and strong feet. In fact, it is quite simple with footwear - shoes should allow the foot to be free, allow it to work naturally and not to make feet shoe-shaped. One of our favorite brands is Vivobarefoot -

perfect in all aspects!


Māra Niedra,

business lady

I try to walk about 8-10 km a day, incorporating some tasks I need to do around the town. My job demands classic looks, which created certain challenges, when I wanted my shoes to be comfortable for longer walks. But ... since I know Camper, it's no longer a problem. Even shoes with a sufficient heel do not crush the usual distances. But my husband loves Vivobarefoot, and I chose them also for children - my firm belief is that no matter what, but one must not save on the health of growing feet..


Uldis Kļaviņš,

runner besides everything else

My running experience is ectremelly wide - I run urban marathons, longer distances in the city, but my favorite terrain is trail and off-road in the nature. That is where I always chose barefoot running shoes, so I can better connect with the ground and nature. Last few seasons I run biggest Latvian trail serial Stirnu buks with Vivobarefoot Primus Trail SG. They are the best option for soft ground and by far stand out on muddy terrains, wet grass and lead me to the tops in such places like Līgatne, Žagarkalns. Wide sole area with soft ground grip provides great stability. I also love the fastening of these shoes, no laces and no problems neither before the race, nor during it. For last few years, since I ran with Vivobarefoot, I have stepped on the pedestal in several races and overall season awards. And I have no doubts that I will chose Vivobarefoot for my next season

to win again!

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