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  • Gray suede ankle boots for kids with Hook & Loop closing system and rubber outsole.

    Better Product:

    The leather is certified by Leather Working Group, a coalition of brands, suppliers, retailers, leading technical experts, and NGOs aimed at raising environmental standards and ensuring best practice standards for tanners, manufacturers, and retailers.

    20% of the outsole is made of recycled rubber, which helps to scrap waste and reduce the carbon footprint emissions going into a more conscious environmental impact, keeping the same performances and standards of virgin rubber.

    The First Walkers range features flexible-yet-sturdy styles made for little ones who are taking their first steps.

    Born in 1988, our classic TWINS concept — opposite yet complementary - challenges the idea that shoes must be identical and lives on in these mismatched kids´ shoes to form a truly unique pair.


    Our shoes are made with carefully selected, premium materials. The use of the right shoe care products will ensure these styles are protected and will last for a long time.


    1. Remove dirt and grime with our Nubuck Box.

    2. Clean and moisturize leather with our Clean & Care Lotion.

    3. For extra protection, apply our Nanopro Waterproofing Spray. This product is exclusively for sale in our retail locations. Find a nearby store Shop locator




    Stitched rubber outsole for durability and good grip

    Hook & Loop closing system

    100% Fabric (100% recycled PET)
    Better Product 

    Leather Working Group Certified 

    Twins Kids Ankle Boots (grey)

    SKU: K900265-001
    • EU size Foot length (cm)
      20 11,8-12,3
      21 12,4-13,0
      22 13,0-13,7
      23 13,8-14,3
      24 14,4-15,0
      25 15,1-15,7
      26 15,8-16,3
      27 16,4-17,0
      28 17,1-17,7
      29 17,8-18,3
      30 18,4-19,0
      31 19,1-19,7
      32 19,8-20,3
      33 20,4-21,0
      34 21,1-21,7
      35 21,8-22,3
      36 22,4-23,0
      37 23,1-23,7
      38 23,8-24,3
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