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  • Shoes are built as minimalist shoes with sole pattern as a key attribute. Shoes are built on 6 mm strong thermoplastic rubber sole (more information about our shoes.

    Upper made of 2-layer recycled canvas to assure durability, breathability and flexibility. Recycled canvas is washed away from olden fabrics and textile scraps, which are ground into filtre, spun into a new yarn and woven into new looms.

    To increase water resistance and dirt resistance we recommend using impregnation sprays. Sneakers are ready for almost every instep height. Sneakers have textile insole with no support.

    Starter Eco Shoes (light blue)

    SKU: AE03
    • 37 - length 24,0 cm, fingers wide 9,3 cm
      38 - length 24,7 cm, fingers wide 9,5 cm
      39 - length 25,4 cm, fingers wide 9,7 cm
      40 - length 26,0 cm, fingers wide 9,9 cm
      41 - length 26,7 cm, fingers wide 10,1 cm
      42 - length 27,4 cm, fingers wide 10,2 cm
      43 - length 28,0 cm, fingers wide 10,3 cm

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