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  • Do you love being active and crave a better ground feel when exercising?
    Then Be Lenka Velocity barefoot sneakers are just what you need. With a sporty look, they come in Black.
    Crafted from lightweight and breathable materials, they offer a zero-drop and flexible sole, ensuring an exceptional connection to the ground for indoor and outdoor workouts. The stitched sole adds durability, guaranteeing a longer lifespan for these must-have shoes, perfect for fitness enthusiasts.

    Sneakers Velocity (black)

    • Materials
      Upper: Textile + TPU
      Lining: Textile
      Insole: Recycled PU + Polyester (removable)
      Sole: Rubber (ActiveGrip Neo)
      Made in Vietnam







      • Ultralight shoes, perfect for all who love the active lifestyle.
      • The ActiveGrip Neo sole is stitched to increase the lifespan of the shoes.
      • The stylish 3D Be Lenka logo is located on the upper part of the shoe.
      • A practical loop for easy attachment to your backpack.
      • An antibacterial moisture-wicking insole.
      • Soft and pleasant-to-touch lining.
      • The shoes are not designed for high-intensity sports like running.


      Barefoot footwear attributes:

      • Perfectly mimic the feeling of walking barefoot
      • Wide foot-shaped toebox offers ample space for the toes
      • Zero drop (sole with no difference in height from heel to toe) helps maintain correct body posture
      • Thin sole (5 mm) stimulates nerve endings and provides excellent ground feel
      • Flexible materials allow your feet to move and flex naturally, ensuring better muscle and tendon function
      • Lightweight design prevents foot fatigue

      Type: Town footwear

    • Size width Length
      36 9,5 23,1
      37 9,7 23,7
      38 9,9 24,4
      39 10,1 25,1
      40 10,3 25,7
      41 10,5 26,4
      42 10,8 27,4
      43 11 28
      44 11,2 28,7
      45 11,4 29,4
      46 11,6 30
      47 11,8 30,7
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