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  • Koel DENIS was developed on a Bernardino based sole with a wider toe box specially for babies and kids.  

     Aiming to provide an incredible walking sensation and healthy growth, those shoes have an anti-slip and crawl protection sole.

    This product offers a comfortable feeling with Chrome Free Lining and two adjustable velcro straps.

    Sneakers Denis Napa (olive green & white)

    SKU: 07M031.101
      • Napa Leather
      • Velcro straps
      • Recycle Insole 
      • Chrome Free Lining
      • Metal Rings Nickel Free
      • Rubber Sole
    • Previne solar radiation and constant contact during a long period with liquids. If this does not happen, the leather can suffer discoloration due to its characteristics. 

      • Not washable
      • Use a cotton cloth dampened with natural soap and gently sweeps the entire surface
      • Let it dry without being in direct contact with exposure to the sun.
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