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  • Think winter trail pursuit, meets street-ready stomper! The KULA BOOT encompasses both luxury winter warmth, with signature VIVOBAREFOOT technology. Upper - Extreme Warmth. The VivoBarefoot Kulu Women's Snow Boots will prepare you for them Long winter walks, providing a Waxed Organic Canvas and deluxe leather upper, that has been treated with a waterproof natural beeswax coating, helping to diminish water and snow away from the external body while a faux-fur Topline and Thinsulate keep the warmth firmly contained within for Thermal protection and appropriate waterproof functionality. Ideally the inner full-felt lining bootie construction has been designed for removable purposes for if things get too heated but still let them do their thing. They're made with your foot in mind; the toe box is nice and wide giving your toes the space they need to splay and recoil (this also helps in the coldest temperatures to allow your feet to stay warm). Midsole - Seal of approval. PU backed canvas, rubber sealed seams and sealed EVA vamp are merged and sealed over the upper construction to stop the cold getting in and provide an additional watertight environment which lets you take on a variety of elements and terrains. It also provides anti abrasion qualities that extends the boots resistance and life expectancy. Outsole - Natural feel. The Kula boot is integrated with a ultra-thin, puncture-resistant 4.5mm sole, which ensures you'll be able to find your footing and rediscover the joy of natural barefoot movement with full underfoot sensory feedback information and being completely flat from heel to toe so your arch can function completely naturally.

    Kula winter boots

    €230.00 Regular Price
    €150.00Sale Price
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