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  • Explore nature in comfort and style and feel connected to the ground with Be Lenka Trailwalker barefoot shoes. Easy to put on and take off, they are ideal for walking through natural terrains, easy hikes, forest paths, meadows, and even city walks. Breathable leather uppers, combined with an ultra-flexible 4mm thick sole, allow your feet to move and flex naturally in comfort. Reconnect to nature and rewild your feet with Be Lenka Trailwalker.

    Shoes Trailwalker (gray)

    • Description & Specifications


      • Upper: Leather + Rubber
        Lining: 60% PAD + 40% PU
        Sole: Rubber

      Lightweight, flexible and durable - Be Lenka Trailwalker are leather trail shoes designed for outdoor leisure activities. They are an ideal companion for trail walking, easy hikes and camping.

      Breathable premium quality leather uppers, combined with a 4 mm ultra-flexible sole and the wide toe box, provide the legendary Be Lenka barefoot comfort. The bootstrap located at the back helps you pull the shoes on and attach the shoes to your backpack and save space while travelling.

      Like our entire barefoot range, the sneakers offer unrestricted & natural movement of the foot, thus guaranteeing comfort even during all-day use.

      Human feet are built for unrestricted natural movement. Be Lenka Barefoot shoes allow your feet to move freely, comfortably and naturally without any limitations. They perfectly mimic walking barefoot, precisely as nature intended them to be.

      Type of footwear: Walking shoes

      Trailwalker shoes are suitable for outdoor leisure activities like easy hikes, trail walking, and outdoor workouts.

    • Size Width Length
      36 8,9 23,3
      37 9,1 23,9
      38 9,3 24,6
      39 9,5 25,3
      40 9,7 25,9
      41 9,9 26,6
      42 10,1 27,3
      43 10,3 27,9
      44 10,4 28,6
      45 10,6 29,3
      46 10,8 29,9
      47 11,0 30,6
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