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  • Are you looking for comfortable barefoot shoes? Be Lenka Synergy in All Black provides a timeless design that can be effortlessly paired with anything from jeans to dress pants or a suit. These ankle shoes will quickly become a favourite in your shoe collection. Thanks to the fleece lining, they can easily handle even dropping temperatures.

    Shoes Synergy Fleece (all black)

    • Material:

      Uppers: Leather
      Lining: Fleece
      Sole: EverydayComfort (TR)
      Insole: Recycled PU + Fleece (Removable)
      Made in Czech Republic

      • Designed for a synergy of your step with your city
      • The fleece lining is pleasant to the touch and provides both comfort and thermal insulation during colder days
      • Unisex footwear made from premium nubuck leather
      • The EverydayComfort sole with a contoured grip for better contact with a surface
      • Timeless design
      • Stitched sole for durability
      • Designed for all-day comfort

      Barefoot footwear attributes:

      • Wide foot-shaped toe box offers ample space for the toes to wiggle
      • Zero drop (sole with no difference in height from heel to toe) helps maintain correct body alignment and supports natural gait
      • Thin sole (4mm without lugs) stimulates foot nerve endings & provides an excellent ground feel
      • Flexible upper & sole allow your feet to move and flex naturally ensuring better muscle and tendon function.
      • Lightweight design prevents foot fatigue

      Type: Walking shoes


      Size Width Length
      36 9,5 23,1
      37 9,7 23,7
      38 9,9 24,4
      39 10,1 25,1
      40 10,3 25,7
      41 10,5 26,4
      42 10,8 27,4
      43 11,0 28,0
      44 11,2 28,7
      45 11,4 29,4
      46 11,6 30,0
      47 11,8 30,7
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