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  • Enjoy true freedom and carefree summer with Be Lenka Promenade - barefoot sandals made of premium leather perfect for every occasion. Their trendy design and a variety of colours simply match any outfit. Thanks to light weight, you will avoid foot fatigue and their thin sole will enhance the ground feel, enabling you a natural foot massage throughout the day.

    Sandals Promenade (sand)

    • Material:

      Uppers: Leather
      Lining: Leather
      Sole: Rubber
      Made in Czech Republic

      • Versatile sandals that pair perfectly with any outfit
      • Made from premium leather in multiple color combinations
      • Adjustable straps for unrestricted fit
      • Designed for all-day comfort
      • Anatomically engineered for female foot

      Barefoot footwear attributes:

      • Wide foot-shaped toe box offers ample space for the toes to wiggle
      • Zero drop (sole with no difference in height from heel to toe) helps maintain correct body alignment and supports natural gait
      • Thin sole (4mm without lugs) stimulates foot nerve endings & provides an excellent ground feel
      • Flexible upper & sole allow your feet to move and flex naturally ensuring better muscle and tendon function.
      • Lightweight design prevents foot fatigue
      • The SlimComfort sole specially designed for Be Lenka sandals is perfect for your carefree wanderings

      Type: Walking shoes

    • Size Width  Length
      36 9,4 23,7
      37 9,8 24,4
      38 10,0 24,9
      39 10,2 25,4
      40 10,4 26,1
      41 10,5 26,9
      42 10,8 27,7
      43 11,0 28,4
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