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  • The Primus Lite II Bio, is our new plant-based performance shoe, made with over 30% natural plant-based materials. Our philosophy is simple, minimal shoes offer you less process and materials meaning you benefit from maximum connection between your feet and the ground. Less process equals less impact on the environment too.



    Plant-based bio TPU made from yellow dent field corn. In the same way you make beer, a fermentation process converts glycose derived from corn starch into this magic ingredient we turn into stretchy soft uppers and super tough soles.



    Sustainably tapped straight out of the rubber tree in Vietnam, we mix this natural, strong and extra grippy rubber into our soles.



    Harvested algae not only cleans and restores the environment when harvested, it’s a great ingredient for super lightweight foam insoles and natural rubber outsoles that performs well in the great outdoors.

    Primus Lite II Bio (lime green)

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