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  • Features

    Nubuck and printed leather
    Color: Black
    360º Stitching outsole: Durability
    TPU outsole with Contact Earth Technology: Abrasion resistance
    Removable footbed: Correct fit
    Leather Working Group certified
    Lining: 38% Polyester 32% Leather 30% Fabric (60% Nylon - 40% PU)


    Our classic TWINS concept — opposite yet complementary — lives on in these mismatched women’s shoes that form a truly unique pair.

    Inspired by our Peu, these women’s shoes are modeled after the shape of the foot with a unique silhouette that retains all the benefits of barefoot walking..

    Peu cami Twins (krāsaini/printed leather)

    SKU: K200733-001
    150,00 € Regular Price
    105,00 €Sale Price