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  • Taking you over land and sea with flexibility, grip and full barefoot feeling. Made from BLOOM® foam which takes harmful algae blooms out of waterways, reversing the effects of water pollution. This season launched with the Live Barefoot Fund in partnership with The Oxygen Project to raise awareness of harmful algae blooms, and the damage they cause.



    •  Foot shaped (not shoe shaped), to let your feet do their natural thing.
      • WIDE to allow for natural stability
      • THIN to enable you to feel more
      • FLEXIBLE to enable natural movement
    • Ideal for summer watersports, exploring rocky shores and quick to drain-and-dry.
    • Made from BLOOM® foam, harvesting toxic algae blooms from vital water ways. This algae is cleaned from the water and Made from BLOOM® foam to create our footwear. We’re currently only able to use 5% algae and reach the performance standards but are working closely with BLOOM® and other partners with the goal to make fully bio-based and circular for re-use and/or compostable footwear in the future.
    • This footwear was made to be part of the solution to our poisoned waterways. Be part of the solution by finding more about our campaign with The Oxygen Project and how you can help here.

    Ultra III Bloom Womens (black)

    120,00 €Cena
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