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  • The new version of the popular lightweight terrain model with several improvements. Enjoy the true barefoot feeling with the minimalist leather shoes Be Lenka Trailwalker 2.0. This model offers rubber protection around the entire shoe to prevent wear and tear and soaking. Additionally, a top metal eyelet has been added for improved lacing, and the insole now boasts excellent absorbing properties. Time to hit the trails!

    Trailwalker 2.0 (olive green)

    159,00 €Cena
    • Material:

      Upper: Leather + Rubber
      Lining: 60% PAD + 40% PU
      Sole: Rubber
      Insole: Recycled PU + Recycled polyester
      Made in Czech Republic

      • Experience better ground feel than ever before
      • Unique grip designed for hiking on mountain trails
      • Reinforced rubber edge protects your foot from injuries, ensures the shoe durability and prevents the water from leaking in
      • Ideal hiking shoes made from premium leather
      • Heel loop allows for easy attachment to a backpack
      • Removable insole with excellent breathability and absorption can help you adjust to the "barefoot feeling" while walking

      Barefoot footwear attributes:

      • Wide foot-shaped toe box offers ample space for the toes to wiggle
      • Zero drop (sole with no difference in height from heel to toe) helps maintain correct body alignment and supports natural gait
      • Thin sole (4mm without lugs) stimulates foot nerve endings & provides an excellent ground feel
      • Flexible upper & sole allow your feet to move and flex naturally ensuring better muscle and tendon function.
      • Lightweight design prevents foot fatigue
      • Unique TrailGrip sole made for walking on mountain trails

      Type: Walking shoes

    • Size Width Length
      36 8,9 23,3
      37 9,1 23,9
      38 9,3 24,6
      39 9,5 25,3
      40 9,7 25,9
      41 9,9 26,6
      42 10,1 27,3
      43 10,3 27,9
      44 10,4 28,6
      45 10,6 29,3
      46 10,8 29,9
      47 11,0 30,6
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