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  • The San-Dal is a faithful recreation of the ancient running/hunting sandal of the Ju'hoansi people of the Kalahari in Namibia. Made in partnership with a small group San cobblers from the Nae Nae Conservancy and the Future Footwear Foundation, the San-Dal is made from locally tanned Eland Skin (soles) and Springbok (uppers) - made entirely by hand pair-by-pair!


    In collaboration with the Ju'hoansi people of Namibia, and in support of their community, this project aims to revive their ancient shoe-making skill. The result is the San-Dal, handstitched and made from Eland skin, the largest antelope in Southern Africa. Barefoot as it was thousands of years ago.     

    • Leather upper and outsole

    San sandales (gaiši brūnas)

    115,00 € Parastā cena
    79,00 €Izpārdošanas cena
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